Every month or so we invite an sketcher/artist/coder to create a piece of work to be featured on sketchPatch. We also invite them to choose a piece of work from sketchPatch to copy and version.

This months featured sketcher is: Ricardo Carvalho aka ric_Imc

Ricardo is an artist working on interactive installations which question the spectator's physical, political and biological conditions in relation to the urban enviroment they inhabit. Recently he has started incorporating physical computing and computer vision into his work as a means of generating original poetic manifestations by exploiting these new emerging technologies, as well as creating new platforms for social interaction and change. He is currently studying on the MFA Computational Arts programme at Goldsmiths University.

You can see more of Ricardo's work at sertik.com

Motion-responsive CCTV
02.2009 - Max/MSP and Processing


This sketch uses a simple grid array. The centre of the object follows the mouse on the screen.



A never ending supply of identically reporduced T-shirts that follow your mouse click around the screen on mass.



Random Animator


Click on the sketch screen to leave a random shape in the wake of your mouse movement, eventually building a more and more complex animation.