About sketchPatch

sketchPatch allows people to play with programming in a easy and fun way. You can write your own programs and run them in the browser, share them, or collaborate with other people making new versions of their programs.

You can use the site as a scrapbook, a portfolio, coding collaborations, hacking, jamming, jiving.

Also, we have invited featured artists to develop fresh and inspiring works for sketchPatch. We hope you will enjoy and be inspired by featured artists, as they are by you, and not be afraid to contribute to their code sketches.

We decided to use Processing as the programming language for sketchPatch, because it has been developed with ease of use and immediate visual output in mind. It is also open source and available to anyone. So, if you begin to learn Processing here, you can download the original Processing software from here, and run your sketchPatch pieces in it.

We hope that you will enjoy the site and help us build a community of programmers from newbies to old-hat's alike, sharing and learning through each others work.

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About us


Davide Della Casa

is a London-based project manager. He is a hobbyist programmer and artist.


Sophie McDonald

is a London based media artist, working in interactive video installation and computer arts. She is currently working as web developer and media technology tutor.


Jonny Stutters
sketchPatch core team

is a London based musician and programmer. His current focus is developing and using tools to make the performance of live electronic music more engaging for audiences and musicians.


Tim Cameron Ryan
sketchPatch core team - honorary member

is a programmer, web designer, and artist from the Boston area.



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sketchPatch was made possible by heaps of people smarter than us, including:

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