This seasons featured sketcher is:

D'mitri Hunte, aka Demitchimo

Read more about the sketchPatch 3Day Creative Coding Workshop on our blog.

D'mitri is the winner of the 2nd sketchPatch 3Day Creative Coding Workshop Series, 2-4 April 2012 with Generating Genius at Lambeth Academy.

The workshops were the first time D'mitri had tried computer programming. She came along way in the 3 days and impressed the judges from sketchPatch, Generating Genius with her understanding of code in her piece 'They're Watching You!' developed from the Processing learning example found here .

D'mitri is a year 9 student at Lambeth Academy, and intends to study art and product design at GCSE, and aspires to be an architect.

"I had never tried coding before the sketchPatch workshops. It was hard at first, but I got the hang of it, and was able to start thinking about how to use the code to make the art work."

The concept for her piece was inspired by a scene in the animation Monsters Inc., where an eye in the dark watched a child as he slept, "so I went searching the internet for thoughts and I came upon a programming website where I found what I needed where I adapted it to fit my idea."

"I have learnt a lot of new things over the three days that I would not have usually had a chance to experience. I would have never thought there is a link between science and art, but there is and it's not only creative but fun! I would like to continue coding, as I found it hugely enjoyable."

The sketchPatch Creative Coding workshops were delivered in partnership with...

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They're Watching You!


Move your mouse around the sketch, but watch out! They're watching you!, inspired by arctangent on the website.

Shooting Stars


Drag your mouse around the sketch canvas to see shooting stars.

Work by other students include...
Perspective_trick_1, 2 & 3 by Lukas aka Lukasrygh


Tropical Space by ni3cey


Move the mouse around and see the colours change.