Featured Sketches

Every month or so we invite an sketcher/artist/coder to create a piece of work to be featured on sketchPatch. We also invite them to choose a piece of work from sketchPatch to copy and version. We hope you will enjoy and be inspired by featured artists, as they are by you, and not be afraid to contribute to their code sketches.

D'mitri Hunte, aka Demitchimo

D'mitri is the winner of the 2nd sketchPatch 3Day Creative Coding Workshop Series... more

Samiat Kolawole, aka kolawolesammy

Samiat is the winner of the sketchPatch 3Day Creative Coding Workshop Series... more

sacculi >> aka Will Pearson

The smaller of the two fluid-filled sacs of the labyrinth of the inner ear... more

Matthew Applegate, aka Pixelh8

musician and programmer, reprogramming old and rare vintage computer systems... more

City of London Academy

neat sketches by 12-year old students of the City of London Academy... more


slub are three live coders, Alex McLean, Dave Griffiths and Adrian Ward, performing live... more

Kim Asendorf

Kim is a Bremen-born artist currently based in Kassel. His production spans creative coding... more

Evan Raskob

Evan Raskob, aka pixelpusher, is a video, sound, & interactive artist, VJ and.... more

Ricardo Carvalho

Ricardo is an artist working on interactive installations... more.
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Alex May

Alex is a rogue software engineer who is interested in complex interactive systems... more
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