This season's featured sketcher is: Kim Asendorf

Kim is a Bremen-born artist currently based in Kassel.

His production spans creative coding, live performance, photography and video, and it is at the same time high-tech, variegated, daring, and, as if it wasn't enough, it's *vast*.

Kim is "high-tech" in the sense that he doesn't shy away from trying out obscure processing libraries or build his own (in fact, he built at least two).

"Variegated" as in: whatever work of his you are watching, you've never seen anything quite like it, even within his own portfolio. "Daring" as in he is not afraid to upset the viewer.

And let's talk about the vastness. By "vast" we don't just mean "a stack of unedited work". We mean a serious lot of *selected* pieces, as in: 63 flickr sets in less than one year, 15 full-fledged projects (featured on two personal sites in addition to a number of satellite social media sites), the breath of each project leaves us dizzy too.

Take a glimpse of Kim's portfolio on flickr and make sure to subscribe to his feeds - and brace yourself for the storm of works he is going to unleash next!



Bitmaps made of random pixels.

Swimming lines


A network is drawn based on the position of invisible bouncing particles.

Jumping Peak


Points bouncing on a grid.



Color shifting through a pixel field.

A grid of nice colors changing depending on mouse position.

Just some balls in a box.


copy Copy

Simple random walk.