Reuben Williamson is a London-based gamer, movie maker, sketcher, coder.

He got involved in sketchPatch through a workshop about sketch design. In his own words: "I really like the way that sketchPatch has created its own community of programmers and artists who interact with each other through their sketches. When I design my sketches I usually don't know what I want the end piece to look like, but simply keep working on it until I like what I've done."

From his tweets:

"No Ian McDonald did not found McDonalds. He is a good writer though."

"Really wanna read the hunger games. My book smells of maceral at the moment."

"So if I ever create a time machine I am going to come back to this very moment right... NOW."

"Ok.. I never create a time machine... shame"

You can follow him and his updates on his most recent projects on Twitter and/or on Tumblr.