This seasons featured sketcher is:

Samiat Kolawole, aka kolawolesammy

Samiat is the winner of the sketchPatch 3Day Creative Coding Workshop Series, 15 - 17 February 2012 with Generating Genius at Crossways Sixth Form College.

The workshops were the first time Samiat had tried computer programming, but she seriously impressed the judges from sketchPatch, Generating Genius and Google with her understanding and creative use of code in her 'Final Project' piece. We are very proud to have her as Featured Sketcher on sketchPatch.

Samiat's inspiration came from a science theme, which lead to an exploration of the solar system. The rotating sun connotes the solar orbits, and also identifies the empty space. Over the three days she gained an understanding and knowledge of how to code, "a little mistake can cause your work to collapse, however if you do it to perfection it will always create a unique and outstanding creative idea." Samiat is currently studying A Level Accounting, Business and Information Communication Technology at Crossways Sixth Form College. She intends to study Accountancy with IT at university.

The sketchPatch Creative Coding workshops were delivered in partnership with Crossways Sixth Form College and...

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Read more about the sketchPatch 3Day Creative Coding Workshop on our blog.

Final Project


Samiat's final piece for the sketchPatch 3Day Creative Coding Workshop.

Her final sketch is a stunning piece of visual art. The work explores elements in a solar system, you can see layers of shapes and forms that mirror the forms of comets, solar flares and white hot dust rings orbiting around a star.



This is beautifully modified version of the sketch furryball by DARYL_Gamma

Throwing Lines Around v0


This is a modified version of the sketch Throwing lines around v0 by DARYL_Gamma, which has come from another sketch Drawing a circle in polar coordinates also by DARYL_Gamma.

First Sketch


Samiat's first taste of coding in Processing.